The ideal location to Serve The Liner Industry in the Mediterranean and Beyond

Well situated along the Suez-Gibiltar shipping route, the Terminal serves the whole Mediterranean and beyond in an effective and timely manner. Experience common-Feeder services provide frequent and fast connection from TCT to some 40 ports around the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea. The terminal location also provides a 700m chip turning basin facility inside the breakwater for safe and fast shipping movements.
The safe and fast port access may result in additional customers benefits, such as:
- increased flexibility of vessel arrival and departure maximizing efficiency of any schedule
- increased opportunity for schedule recovery
- cost saving in land and sea transportation

European Markets Easily Accessible

Average road distances from Taranto to:

- Roma :
- Pesaro :
- Perugia :
- Bologna :
- Padova :
- Firenze :
- Milano :
- Monaco :
  530 km
  650 km
  710 km
  760 km
  850 km
  860 km
  980 km
1280 km

TCT is directly connected to both road and rail networks facilitating links to regional, national and international consumer markets..

Putting Taranto on The Map

Taranto is located 170 nautical miles from the Suez-Gibiltar shipping route which makes it the port call for transshipment and Mediterranean traffic.
Taranto has been a port of strategic importance to the Greeks, Romans, French and Spanish. Today, traffic volumes make the Port of Taranto Italy's third largest industrial and commercial port.