Evergreen, no cuts will be done

January, 16 2004

EVERGREEN confirms its investments on Taranto. After some voices that asserted a reorganization of the Taiwanese Company due to the fact that the last 550 meters of the quay are not ready for use, Taranto Container terminal affirms that, "in agreement and with the support of the local boards and authorities, wants to go on with the investments, which, up to now, have been only partially postponed". Taranto Container Terminal says that it does not give up to be "source of development for the local economy". A few days ago, Mr Pietro Franzoso, the member of the regional Council of Transports, pointed out, in an interview published in the "Gazzetta", TCT difficulties to realize the investments of the plan fully. TCT obtained also a public financial support for it (£ of CIPE Contract of Program). Now TCT confirms that, since it has not yet received the last remaining 550 linear meters of the quay, "it cannot complete the foreseen industrial plan" and then "the investments for the definite arrangement of the terminal". But it is important to underline that TCT has already reached "a positive economical result" and it is a "sound Company which directly employees 530 units. This number is superior to the number foreseen by the Contract of Programs rules". Although these data, the problem of the quay remains. TCT takes note of it, but it also knows that there is a deliberation of the port committee and the granting act to the same company, which foresee that, the area as soon as the works to double the fourth projection finish. These works finance with CIPE deliberation of 156 millions of Euro. It was approved at the end of September, but the works have not started yet. TCT knows that a solution to its problem has been found, and now it is waiting for its realization. But in the meantime, TCT goes on, "we keep on to plan, with the cooperation of Taranto Port Authority, the interventions regarding the dredging of the interested water areas and the breakwater dam", in order to make the fourth generation container-ships berth here in Taranto

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno