The New Europe

May, 01 2004

The story of Europe construction today goes through Dublin. On the shore of the sleepy Liffey - the river loved by James Joyce that cuts in half the Irish capital - today is Europe 25 countries' birth. 10 new countries are going to enter officially the UE and it will be the largest enlargement since when, on March.25.1957, from Rome the 6 pioneer countries started the European adventure. But it is not only a numerical fact; even if it is true that Europe took almost 40 years to go from 6 to 15 member countries. This is above all an event that can be considered, for a time, an historical passage. THE TEN BEGINNERS. Only looking at the names of the 10 new countries that will enter Europe it is possible to understand how the continent of tomorrow is going to change. Starting form today countries as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, can be considered European countries, but once they were "the enemies" of the Warsaw Agreement. They will enter also countries that were part of the Soviet territory. Countries like Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta will be completely European. With this the history changes but also the geography. The map of Europe completely changes and a new international identity is shown: it is a Europe so as Europeans want to feel it, without artificial borders

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