Investing for the Future

Works are in progress to extend the existing 1000 meters quay to 1800 meters and to upgrade equipment in line whit capacity requirements, which are expected to reach 2 million TEUs per year..
The newly built Container Terminal is linked to the Italian railway and motorway networks so landed goods and products quickly find their way to regional, national and international consumer markets. In addition to the Euro 100 million already invested so far, TCT is planning new investments, plans for 2004 include:

- Doubling today's crane capacity.

- Extending the quay length from today's 1000m to 1800m.

- Expanding the container yard size from 180000m2 to 300000m2

- Increasing container stacking capacity from 29000 to 45000 teu

Apulia Region Plays a vital role in National and Regional Transportation Plans

National and Regional Transportation plans consider Apulia to be a strategically important Central Mediterranean location. This, combined with Apulia's flourishing economy, calls for a number of significant infrastructure developments in regional communications:

- Doubling rail tracks on the Taranto-Bari railways to enhance Taranto's connection with the "Adriatic corridor", linking North and South Europe

- electrification of Taranto-Brindisi railway lines to facilitate increased flow of goods

- Linking the A14 Motorway network to highway 106 "Ionica" Taranto-Reggio Calabria

- Expansion to existing port facilities


Also TPA is committed to turning its share of national and regional transportation plans in to reality. The vision for Taranto is to become a modern, flexible and international logistic hub. By 2004, investments of Euro 243 million will have been made to implement a number of port infrastructure developments to support increased transportation needs.

-Berth Expansion
By 2004, the port will have added in excess 1,500 meters of new quays, berths, landings and moorings for commercial activities, in particular Ro-Ro operators.

-Port Facility Upgrades
ew internal communications between berths will be created . Plans include 5,5 km of new internal roads and a complete overhaul of the existing internal road system. In addition to improving the Port's Service area, electricity and fresh water supplies, lighting and sewage systems will be upgraded throughout the port.