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31-December-2006 / Genova

The Italian Ports registered an increasing in their traffic during 2006, comparing the situation with 2005.

Being more precise about the first three ports, it is possible to say this: Gioia tauro closed 2005 with a decrease of  –3,1% and continued its reduction in 2006 with a decrease of –14,7%. Cagliari should close with an increase of +3%, very far from the data of the previous years.

On the contrary, Taranto with an increase of +24,4%, in October took the place of Livorno in the list of Italian Ports. Among the ports handling more than 500.000 teus a year, Livorno Port is the most stable, but better scenery is foreseen with

the appointment of the new President of Port Authority (the Commissioner appointment lasted for three years) and the next start of dredging works

Posted by Galeandro on Monday, September 24 @ 13:59:27 CEST (39 reads)
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7-December-2006 / Livorno

Taranto was one of the bigger ports in Italy during the first ten months of this                 year.

The Apulian town, placed at third place in the list of Italian Ports, with its 712.970 teus (+24.47%), took the place of Livorno. In case TCT would sign the contract with MSC, for sure it will be protagonist of a big jump in the list

Posted by Galeandro on Monday, September 24 @ 13:59:03 CEST (21 reads)
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10-November-2006 / Rome

During a visit in Puglia to know Italian infrastructure’ s problems afflicting the ports, the Minister of Infrastructure – Tommaso Casillo - said to the newspapermen that the election of the new President of Port Authority of Taranto will occur soon after the Finance Act approval, and that the Port of Taranto will consolidate its position of first level hub.

The Minister also said that the infrastructures works are necessary to guarantee the development of ports; for this reason in January of next year it will start the works to build a linking stretch to link the state road 106 with tollgate North Taranto (A14).

About dredging matter, the Minister agrees with the intention of Italian Government to conform the draughts to the necessities, protecting the environment. If the Parliament will confirm this address, the dredging and relevant drainage will start at the same time.

During the press conference there was also the President of Taranto entrepreneurs – Luigi Sportelli. He hops that the Government will designate as soon as the President of Taranto Port Authority, because the entrepreneurs have difficulty to invest. 

TCT increase (more than 30,60% in first 8 months of this year with 643.636 teus) is a record compared with the national average. In spite of the stop in November (- 13,31%), TCT hops to achieve the 900.000 teus thanks to a trade agreement and a courageous choice: TCT will dredge the Terminal’s depth without the intervention of Port Authority.

Thanks to the dredging works, TCT is the first one among the ports in Italy that can receive the container ships with a capacity of more than 8.000 teus.

In the meantime, following up Provincia’s (local government) denunciation, the GdF sequestrated the mud-tub where the muds were deposited.

The Provincia asserts that the mud mast be got off within one year by their removal, instead TCT asserts that this work can be made in three years because the mud are not contaminated.

The Ports of Cagliari, Gioia Tauro and Taranto join their power in order to be more important in the Mediterranean. In fact the agreement with the three Provincia has the aim to attract a lot of container ships between Suez Canal and Straits of Gibraltar.

In a short time, a technical panel will enter upon and within six months will present to Government a development project

Posted by Galeandro on Monday, September 24 @ 13:58:38 CEST (21 reads)
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19-October-2006 / Rome
A huge increasing has been registered in the Italian main ports’ business during the first 8 months of this year. A particular consideration has to be made for Taranto Port, with an increasing of 32.05% comparing to the same period of the previous year. Taranto Port is now the forth in Italy, after Gioia Tauro (whose traffic decreased of 11.28%), Genova and La Spezia

Posted by Galeandro on Monday, September 24 @ 13:57:56 CEST (18 reads)
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11-October-2006 / Panama

The great part of Panamas think that the enlargement of the Panama Strict could be a positive project to create new job and increase the economic level of their Country.

In detail, the works would be completely paid by the Authority of Panama Canal, without asking any money to the Government, would start in 2008 and end after eight years. The complete cost of this project should be about 5.25 billion dollars.

The purpose of the Authority is to allow the new vessels – the PostPanamax ones – to pass through the Panama Canal without problems

Posted by Galeandro on Monday, September 24 @ 13:57:28 CEST (24 reads)
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