Taranto Container Terminal S.p.A. Taranto Container Terminal S.p.A.

A Full Range of Container Handling Services

The Terminal provides round-the-clock ship services, 7 days a week:

- Container loading and unloading
- Stuffing and unstuffing
- Container inspection
- Reefer Handling and Storage

Berth's Voloview

Terminal Facilities

Quay side
- 1,500 m quay length
- 930,000 m2 site area
- Container Yard size 250,000 m2
- Minimum water draft of 15 metres
- 5 x 1000m railway tracks
- 3+3 lanes, provisional road gate
(6+6 lanes road gate under construction)
- 35,310 Teus container stacking capacity
Vessel to Shore cranes
- 2 Ultra Post Panamax Quay Cranes with 65 tons lifting capacity under hook and 55 tons under spreader.
- 8 Super Post Panamax Quay Cranes with 55 tons lifting capacity under hook and 45 tons under spreader.
- 1 Mobile Harbour Crane 100 ton lifting capacity
Yard cranes
- 22 RMGs with 11+1 rows/5+1 tiers span and 40 tons lifting capacity
- 3 Reach Stackers with 40 tons lifting capacity
- 5 Side Loaders with 10 tons lifting capacity
Rail cranes
- 2 rail gantry cranes with 40 tons lifting capacity
Refrigerated containers
- The terminal is equipped with 900 x 380 volts reefer plugs
Control Tower art's

  Operations Supported with Advanced Information Technology

Planners @ work - night & day

As a part of TCT's commitment to providing cost effective excellence, planning and resource allocation activities are placed in an innovative and modern Administration Center.
The Operations Control Tower allows planners and operation manager to maintain both IT and visual control over quay and yard operations.
To maximize handling efficiency, all TCT operations are supported by market-leading control system:

- Oracle Based Ship Stowage Planning system to facilitate ship operations
- Yard Planning system to optimize the use of yard facilities and cut operation time
- Real Time Container Tracking system to keep updated container records

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