Taranto Container Terminal S.p.A. Taranto Container Terminal S.p.A.

October, 2004 - ZIM contemplates move to Taranto

ZIM integrated shipping Services' (ZIM) ceo, Dr Yoram Sebba, has confirmed that it is negotiating with Evergreen to use the Italian Terminal in Taranto as its Mediterranean hub...

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September, 08 2004 - Taranto Zim hub for the foreign goods

Zim line suspended Haifa from its routing concentrating on Taranto all its international traffic...

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August, 30 2004 - (90) Taranto, Italy - Teu throughput 2003: 658,426 (39%)

Within the southern Italian Port of Taranto which is located in the central Mediterranean, 170 nautical miles from the main Suez-Gibraltar shipping route...

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August, 17 2004 - Harbour Master's offices, launched the operative central

onnected with all Italian ports, it will increase the security levels...

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July, 13 2004 - ISPS sees six ships denied entry to canadian ports

Six ships lacking valid International Ship and Port Security certificates were denied entry at Canadian West and East Coast ports during the first week of its enforcement...

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